It’s time to get off of the bench and into the game my good parishioners!

If you are like most investors (or wanna-be investors) you’ve no doubt spent a considerable amount of time these past few years engaging in a variety of self-flegellatory, market-timing machinations like:

1) Wringing your hands over where the ‘bottom’ is

2) Devising myriad ways of plumbing for that depth and

3) Suffering from inaction due to analysis paralysis

Newsflash my brethren: The nadir is well below us as the inflection point has some three years ago passed in many of the city’s most opportunity-rich neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods that were on the bleeding edge of gentrification a few years ago, like Bronzeville, are no longer exercises in trying to catch a falling knife and even parts of West Englewood & Humboldt Park are feeling blessed & highly favored. The same goes for suburban markets as well!

Opportunities still abound and with an integrated plan of action and just a little chutzpah (sufficient to get you to step outside of yourself) you too could enter the game. And, don’t you want to learn to play it the right way?

Can I get an amen? …Thank you! (And, giddy-up!)

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