Are you sure? I mean really sure…and how do I know?

Just because you want to rent is only half the equation. Being a bona fide renter is something that you need to prove. Especially in today’s funky market because landlords never accept offers without proof of a renter’s viability.

By prove, I mean:

1) Have a copy of your scored credit report. A free unscored report can be obtained at

2) Be prepared to execute a basic rental application.

3) Have your last 2 pay stubs ready to go.

4) Have a Letter Of Explanation (LOX) ready to provide a global overview of any derogatory credit items.

Believe it or not, having jacked-up credit is not necessarily an automatic turn down. With the economic recession, the proliferation of divorce and the resultant wave of foreclosures and bankruptcies, decimated credit is almost de rigueur.

I am always happy to create a customized property search for you that will tempt your tummy, and have you ready to go kick some tires this afternoon, but I’m not taking even one nanosecond to set an appointment until you have demonstrated your bona fides upfront…with god as our witness.

Simply put: Time and deep market knowledge are the reverend’s only commodities for hire and you get both in spades once I verify that you are viable.

Don’t be insulted. You may very well be a ‘big macher’ and will assuredly be treated as such, but if you want to ‘get a sense of the market’ or ‘see whats out there,’ you can do that from the comfort of your own home, in front of your own computer without getting out of your ‘big macher’ pajamas.

The last thing we want to do is waste (aside from our time) other agents’ and their landlord clients’ time. This tarnishes the reverend’s reputation on the street and he ain’t fiddina let that happen.

So, when you are ready, call me for your custom property search and simultaneously get copies of the items listed above.

Then we can block some time and go find the piece you’ve been praying for.

Can I get an amen? …Thank you!

If you’d like to talk more about how I can help you buy, sell or rent Chicago real estate… and keep you out of trouble in the process, call or text me at 773-968-1110 or shoot me an email at

You See. You Like? You Rent!