Ok. So you’re a pretty smart cookie. A multi-tasker of the highest order. An accomplished bargain hunter and someone fully capable of functioning at a very high level in whatever endeavor you choose to partake. Right?

Well, in life (as in real estate) there are three things that you should NOT do yourself.

1) You should NOT cut your own hair. Seems obvious, right? Well, you can be forgiven if you still have (and use) a Flowbie™, but the penance will be stiff.

2) You should NOT prepare your own Fugu. At best you get a full-head numb’er and at worst, you die.

3) You should NOT try to save money by being your own attorney. Especially with Chicago real estate.

Illinois is traditionally an attorney state. Meaning the vast majority of real estate closings are handled by attorneys on both sides of the transaction.

The LAST thing you want to do is find yourself on the other side of the table facing a reasonably competent attorney. You could be eaten alive.

Not because attorney’s are inherently bad, (or hungry) but because a good real estate attorney is looking out for his or her client’s interests first and foremost. Not yours.

Murphy’s Law rings especially true in Chicago real estate: Anything that can go wrong (in a real estate transaction) will. So, don’t tempt fate. Have a professional on your team that will keep you out of harm’s way…and on the straight & narrow.

Hey, even seasoned real estate attorneys hire a real estate attorney to handle their own transactions!

So, if you insist on living by the credo: Caveat Emptor or Caveat Venditor, be prepared to Contego your Gluteus Maximus.

Can I get an amen? …Thank you!

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